Sunday, 15 January 2012

Just Another New Resolution?

New Year’s resolutions …. need I say more?  We make them, we break them, and so it carries on.  We all have something that we know we need to change, but change is difficult, especially when you’re a bit older and probably a whole lot more set in your (not always so good) ways.   
Joyce Meyer hit the nail on the head with her message today, and I would like to share it with you.


(Romans 12:21)  Do not let evil defeat you; instead, conquer evil with good. (GNB)

You can break up with your bad habits just like you can break up with a bad boyfriend or girlfriend.  Bad relationships are one of the hardest habits to break, but if we choose to end them, we can spare ourselves a lot of trouble and pain.

Maybe you gossip or cuss or drink too much coffee or watch too much TV or spend money on things you don’t need.  Whatever your bad habit is, you can break it.

Breaking a bad habit is not easy, but it’s God’s desire for us to take authority over our bad habits.  He doesn’t want us to be “bossed around” by our emotions; He wants us to have victory.

 Breaking a bad habit requires making a series of good choices, one after the other.  Most of us will try to do that on our own without the help of the Holy Spirit.  We eventually figure out that we can’t please God without God helping us.

The Holy Spirit is our “standby”.  He’s always standing by in case you get into trouble and need a little help.  But He won’t just show up uninvited.  You have to ask Him for help.

Romans 12:21 says we “conquer evil with good”.  That’s one of the biggest secrets in the Word of God.  It’s a lot easier to make the right choice when you’re focusing on God and your victory instead of the fear of failure.

Make the choice today to walk in the Spirit to overcome bad habits and live in victory!

God Bless!


  1. This is so true. What I find is that when it is still a good thing to make resolution, even when we don't keep them. Why because writing down things we want to change tend to open a gateway of thinking for us. I prayed over my resolution and I make it mostly a goal for me about the things are I want to change. For example, this year I want to get closer to God, my resolution is about things I can change or put away in my life so that I can be closer to God. Great post!