Monday, 28 March 2011


READ: MARK 4:24-25

24. He went on to say to them, "Pay attention to what you're listening to! With the measure you use, you will be measured, and still more will be given to you. 
25. For whoever has something, will have more given to him. But whoever has nothing, even what he has will be taken away."

24. És monda nékik: Megjegyezzétek, a mit hallotok: A milyen mértékkel mértek, olyannal mérnek néktek, sõt ráadást adnak néktek, a kik halljátok.
25. Mert a kinek van, annak adatik; és a kinek nincs, attól az is elvétetik, a mije van.

24. Também lhes disse: Atendei ao que ouvis. Com a medida com que medis vos medirão a vós, e ainda se vos acrescentará.
25. Pois ao que tem, ser-lhe-á dado; e ao que não tem, até aquilo que tem ser-lhe-á tirado.
Have you ever sailed in a fog? Fog often looks romantic, but at sea fog is cold, clammy—and threatening. Fog prevents you from seeing, so you must listen instead. Although you are moving slowly, even drifting, you must listen for the foghorns on shore, the bells on the buoys, and the whistles of other ships. This is no job for the lazy. Fog dulls the senses, so the sailor must work hard at staying alert—and listening. Otherwise, you will drift into trouble.
Listen alertly—or you will drift into trouble. That applies to the Christian life as well. So how, and to whom, should we listen?
We should not be listening to pleasant fables. Fog looks romantic, but it kills. Sweet tales give us the sense of being religious, but prevent us from obtaining grace.
Nor should we listen to useless argument. Do not be distracted by arguments with no other purpose than to show the brilliance of the speaker. Seek instead the truth of God.
In particular, we should not be entranced by cleverness, but rather we should ask, "Is this the truth?" False teachers may indeed be brilliant men, and the truth seem dull, but it is still the truth.
We should seek the truth, wherever it is to be found. We should not consider eloquence, or cleverness, or turn of phrase; only the truth.
This is hard. How can this be done? The answer is, by faith! For the measure of your faith determines your understanding of the mysteries of God—because these are revealed, not deduced.
If you have much, you get more—and vice versa. Why?
If you have much in the kingdom, is it not because you desire much with all your heart? Will not God grant all such desires? And by this yearning you will unravel the hidden things of God.
But if you have little, your laziness will prevent you from understanding. Then God will take away what little you have, so that your desire might grow again.
Pay attention to what you are listening to! Stand guard over the things that enter your mind. Seek first the kingdom of God, and the blessings of understanding—and all other things you might need—will be given to you.

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