Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Shut the Door!

Quite an intro to a new blog!  Shut the Door!  What is the meaning of this? 

Well, it's two-fold ....
1.  It will definitely keep something or someone inside, or .....
2.  keep that same something or someone outside! 
Which applies to your life? Inside, outside?

To me, it means ... when troubles lurk in your life, don't run away from our Heavenly Father, run towards Him.  Go to your room, SHUT THE DOOR, and speak to Him.  Lay your problems at His feet, and consider it to be done. He will provide the answer, He will provide a solution, He is Almighty and Powerful!
You only need to be obedient and have faith! 

Easy?  Read 2 Kings 4, and let me know what you think.

Have a blessed day!!!


  1. A lady I work with buried her 19 year old son on Monday. It was so sad. She is obviously devastated but her faith stays strong. I will definately tell her to read 2 Kings 4.

  2. I cannot imagine what it must feel like loosing a child. Life without Cara just doesn't seem right. I have also worked with a lady a few years ago who lost her 7 month old baby due to negligence by a new nurse in hospital. My first thought was, but how can Jesus allow something like this to happen. I dreaded the day she came back to work, because I was too emotional to even give her a hug. She said to me, why is she special, why should something like this not happen to her? God will never let something cross your path, if you are not strong enough to handle it, and even then ... He is all strength you'll ever need. God Bless.

  3. So interesting to hear how another person interprets what they read/hear and it is in sharing that we can learn something that we may have missed,or give a different angle for someone else to ponder.

    Firstly on Shut the Door - to me it is about making a choice, we cannot be on both sides of a closed door and if we leave the door open we are neither inside nor outside, neither in the light nor in the dark. God wants us to make a CHOICE.But He does not leave it at that.As we all know that making choices has consequences and we are well informed by God's word what those consequences will be.God does not want us to be lukewarm. CHOOSE DAILY, by the moment,by the thought, by the word from our lips, by our deeds and actions - we will never know when it will be our last choice we have to make. CHOOSE LIFE-
    Thank you Charmaine for this blog - we cannot be god's children in isolation, we all need each other.God has blessed you indeed and will continue to bless you, which will rub off onto ME.

  4. Thanks Fay, you truly are a special person! God Bless!

  5. LOVE this concept Charmaine!! Dit is iets wat amper soos WWJD in my kop sal vashaak..SHUT THE DOOR! What a great reminder!

  6. All praise to our Father! Thank you Christelle, please come back everyday, and give your thoughts! God Bless! xxxxx