Thursday, 8 September 2011


Jesus didn't always speak much, but the few spoken words were always rich in insight and teaching.  In this short verse in the Bible, Jesus said 5 words only, and these served as a warning, wise councel and as a word of hope for those who listened to His command. In Luke 7:32 (KJV) Jesus said: "Remember Lot's wife."  This is a warning, a warning in the present time.  In other words, we have to think and keep on thinking about Lot's wife.  The context in which Jesus is speaking, is His return.

Christ said that in the end times, there will be people living carefree lives.  They will eat and drink, buy and sell, plant and build etc.  When Christ returns they will be unprepared - but they will certainly be judged.  Lot's wife was warned, and on the verge of escaping from the judgement - but turned around to look at her heart's desire - the city of Sodom - and that's when God's judgement struck her.  She turned into a lifeless pillar of salt, an image of a self-absorbed existence.

Jesus warned the people who were willing to listen.  Do not be caugt off-guard!  Be prepared to meet God.   Give your life to Him.  If you try and "keep your life" through selfish, sinful and self-absorbed actions, you will loose your life!  However, if you "loose your life" - if you give your life to Jesus Christ and obey all His commands, you will keep your life, and not just for a short while, but for eternity.

What can we learn from Lot's wife?  What type of person was she?  How did she think?  What was she thinking when she turned around?  What about her life and her tragic death does Jesus want us to remember?  Whatever the reason, it matters for eternity.

God Bless!

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