Monday, 5 September 2011


Read Genesis 12:10 - 20 & 16:2 - 6

If you had read my post yesterday, and again today, you would notice the astounding similarities between Abram and Sarai with Justin and myself.  While reading the bible passages, and doing biblestudy, it was as if someone was telling me my lifestory.  It is all about God's promise, and our inability to be patient.

In the very first passages, God promises Abram to take care of him and provide him with an heir. 'And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing.' (Gen 12:2).  Abram was already 76 years old at that stage, so you can imagine the disbelief of being able to have a child at such a ripe age.  Sarai was not much younger than Abram and if we look at today's terms, the biological clock starts ticking when you turn 35 - or so the medical profession wants you to believe.

Abram and Sarai was very happy about God's promise and waited expectantly.  There is probably not a longer waiting period than that of an expectant-to-be father and mother,  I can understand that a lack of patience must've gotten hold of the both of them.

Sarai decided to take matters into her own hands, and offered that her female slave Hagar sleep with Abram, become pregnant and then Abram and Sarai would raise the child as their own.  This was not God's will!  He asked for faith and obedience, and this was not what He was getting.

After the conception, Hagar saw herself as Abram's wife, and in authority over Sarai.  This made Sarai very upset and she immediately ran to Abram bemoaning her fate.  Abram answered: 'Behold, they maid is in they hand; do to her as it pleaseth thee.' (Gen 16:6)  This sounds like and exceptionally easy way out of a situation.  The problem is, that by taking matters into their own hands, so many lifes were affected and so many people were hurt.  Hagar felt used, she wasn't even asked what she thought about the idea, she was literally forced into the situation.  Her baby she was carrying would also be affected, and so would any further children from any of the relationships.  Quite the ripple effect, hey?

Now, bringing this into relation with Justin and myself.  God made a promise to us that we will have children,  I will be a mother to nations, to be exact.  God told me this some time ago already.  Similiar to Abram and Sarai, we also became impatient, and started seeking advice everywhere else, except from God! We considered adopting a child, or taking a child in foster care, but a child we wanted, no matter how it happened. The urge became stronger when I turned 35 recently ...  I was seeing answers in every situation, trying to make it my own, but I was no closer to knowing what He had planned for us.  I truly became desperate.

I decided that I'm going to claim God's promise.  I'm going to keep Him to it, and I will remind Him of His promise every time I speak to Him, and I did.... I also told Justin that God will grant us a baby, we must live by His word, have faith and it will happen.

Yesterday, our faitful God answered, and confirmed ... our wish will be granted!

We're looking forward in sharing the good news with everyone!

God Bless!!!

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