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Read:   Matt 10: 1- 10

5.  Jesus sent these twelve out with the following instructions: "Don't go among people who are not Jewish or into any Samaritan city.
6.  Instead, go to the lost sheep of the nation of Israel.
7. as you go, spread this message: 'The kingdom of heaven is near.'
8.  Cure the sick, bring the dead back to life, cleanse those with skin diseases, and force demons out of people. Give these things without charging, since you received them without paying. (GW)

5.  Diese zwölf sandte Jesus, gebot ihnen und sprach: Gehet nicht auf der Heiden Straße und ziehet nicht in der Samariter Städte,
6.  sondern gehet hin zu den verlorenen Schafen aus dem Hause Israel.
7.  Geht aber und predigt und sprecht: Das Himmelreich ist nahe herbeigekommen.
8.  Macht die Kranken gesund, reinigt die Aussätzigen, weckt die Toten auf, treibt die Teufel aus. Umsonst habt ihr's empfangen, umsonst gebt es auch. (GLB)

Jesus sends his disciples out on a little tour of the countryside.  This is a training mission;  for that reason he places certain restrictions upon them.
To the Jews
He sends them to the Jews first.  He has not yet been rejected as king by them, and it is only fair to do so.  In doing this, he arms them with the credentials that all Jews would recognize—the miraculous powers that can only come from God.
One of the marks of true greatness and power is humility.  Notice that Jesus sends them out to do the very same things he has been doing—and in the same miraculous power.  This does not make them his equals;  He has the power, they have received it.  But there is no trace of jealousy in his giving it to them.  Indeed, he trains them to use it by his frequent example.
Freely receive, freely give
Why does Jesus include this instruction?
·         First, it is to remind the disciples that they have nothing, in themselves, of which to boast.  They do not have this power of themselves;  it is the gift of God.
·         They are told to freely give—which is to help them from becoming greedy and selling the grace of God.  That grace is beyond any price we could pay;  it therefore must be given away.
Traveling outfit
Jesus is rather specific about what they should not take—and most of it revolves around material possessions.  But you must make a choice:  would you have the reward of men, or the reward of God?
·         Take no staff—no sign of protection and power—so that you will rely entirely on God for your protection.
·         Take no coat—make no preparation for tomorrow but God.
The disciples are to have nothing—and therefore they have no cares.  They may receive their necessities on a daily basis, but that's all.
Do you wonder why your spiritual life sags and creaks?  Perhaps it is the load you are carrying on it.  Grace you freely received; do you share it the same way, with no thought of reward?  A heavy wallet is a pain in the backside.  Live in simplicity, taking no thought for tomorrow—and let God lead you peacefully.

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