Sunday, 3 April 2011


CFC- Cricket for Christ Saturday 2 April 2011 was a big success. Even though there were only a few people to play or at least to come and watch, we had lots of fun. You could feel that vibe, love and friendship and the Holy Spirit warming our hearts.
The weather played a big part of the day... In the morning it was overcast but as the time started to run out the sun started to show its rays. Everyone was super exited including my mom and Justin. The night before we were printing labels and cutting clear plastic but I must say it was worth it.
We were wondering about how many people was going to come but it ended up being quite a number of people: from the church, family and friends and even a man and his four sons came to play with us.
Justin and his brother Sheldon, was team leaders. I was on Justin’s team and sadly mom was on Sheldon’s team. Our team lost but lost with joy. This whole experience was awesome and everyone enjoyed it.
‘Thank you Jesus for being with us this past few weeks. We appreciate your love and bringing us to the place we are now. Amen’       

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