Friday, 8 April 2011


Read: Luke 12:35-39
40:  ‘So be ready, because the Son of Man is coming at an hour when you don't expect him." (ISV)
40: ‘Gij dan, zijt ook bereid; want in welke ure gij het niet meent, zal de Zoon des mensen komen.’ (DSV)
40: ‘Ti is azért legyetek készek: mert a mely órában nem gondolnátok, abban jõ el az embernek Fia.’

It’s not God’s intention to scare us or to catch us out when He says that Christ will come unexpectedly.   He is in fact, postponing His return to allow more people the chance to turn to Christ.

We have the opportunity, before His return, to live our faith, and to portray our Love for Jesus in our relationships with others. 

People who are prepared for His return are:

1.       Not hypocrites, but sincere
2.      Not scared, but willing to testify
3.      Not anxious but believe
4.      Not stingy but generous
5.      Not lazy but laborious.

Is your life starting to become more like Christ’s? Will you, when He return be ready and meet Him with Joy?

God Bless!

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