Saturday, 26 March 2011


Read Acts 14:1-20
15.  "Men, why are you doing this? We are merely human beings with natures like your own. We are telling you the good news to turn from these worthless things to the living God, who made heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them.
16.  In past generations he allowed all the nations to go their own ways,
17.  yet he has not left himself without a witness by doing good, by giving you rain from heaven and fruitful seasons, and by filling you with food and joyful hearts."

15.  És ezt mondván: Férfiak, miért mívelitek ezeket? Mi is hozzátok hasonló természetû emberek vagyunk, és azt az örvendetes izenetet hirdetjük néktek, hogy e hiábavalóktól az élõ Istenhez  térjetek, ki teremtette a mennyet, a földet, a tengert és minden azokban valókat:
16.  Ki az elmúlt idõkben hagyta a pogányokat mind a maguk útján haladni:
17.  Jóllehet nem hagyta magát tanúbizonyság nélkül, mert jóltevõnk volt, adván mennybõl esõket és termõ idõket nékünk, és betöltvén eledellel és örömmel a mi szívünket.

15.  e dizendo: Senhores, por que fazeis estas coisas? Nós também somos homens, de natureza semelhante à vossa, e vos anunciamos o evangelho para que destas práticas vãs vos convertais ao Deus vivo, que fez o céu, a terra, o mar, e tudo quanto há neles;
16.  o qual nos tempos passados permitiu que todas as nações andassem nos seus próprios caminhos.
17.  Contudo não deixou de dar testemunho de si mesmo, fazendo o bem, dando-vos chuvas do céu e estações frutíferas, enchendo-vos de mantimento, e de alegria os vossos corações.

This chapter of Acts talks about Paul’s journey through Iconium and Lystra, spreading the good news of the Lord Jesus.  The Jews were not happy with Paul’s preaching and tried to turn everybody against him.  In Iconium they plotted to stone him.

In Lystra, he had the same strategy, to spread the good news of the Lord Jesus.  The difference however came, when he was able to perform a miracle by the strength of the Holy Spirit living in him.  A disabled and paralysed man, never being able to walk, was healed.  The people of Lystra thought he was one of their gods called Hermes, and wanted to bring him sacrifices.  You can imagine how quickly he had to bring the crowd under control and to correct them in their believes.  Just as Paul thought he had a breakthrough the Jews arrived again, spreading lies among the people from Lystra.  They immediately turned against him, and stoned him, leaving him for dead.

My and Justin’s adventure with God is just beginning, the same as Paul’s.  We know that if we choose to follow God’s ways, it can be hard.  We’ll try our best to do things right, but people will still do bad things against us.  They might lie about us, they might even let us down.  Just like Paul we will have a choice – give up or keep going.  Like Paul the only way we’ll be able to keep going, is through the Holy Spirit living in us, giving us courage.  We can trust the Holy Spirit to make the impossible things possible. He loves us.  He is listening.  He is always in control, even though you can’t see he is there.  He can make every day an adventure.

God Bless!     

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