Friday, 25 March 2011


(Matthew 28:19)  Therefore go and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

(Matthew 28:19)  Elmenvén azért, tegyetek tanítványokká minden népeket, megkeresztelvén õket az Atyának, a Fiúnak és a Szent Léleknek nevében,

(Matthew 28:19)  Portanto ide, fazei discípulos de todas as nações, batizando-os em nome do Pai, e do Filho, e do Espírito Santo;

What is Baptism exactly; Smith’s dictionary explains it as follows:

Baptism in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost is the rite or ordinance by which persons are admitted into the Church of Christ. It is the public profession of faith and discipleship.

Baptism signifies --
1. A confession of faith in Christ;
2. A cleansing or washing of the soul from sin;
3. A death to sin and a new life in righteousness.

The mode and subjects of baptism being much-controverted subjects, each one can best study them in the works devoted to those questions. The command to baptize was co-extensive with the command to preach the gospel. All nations were to be evangelized; and they were to be made disciples, admitted into the fellowship of Christ's religion, by baptism.

There are diverse ends to Baptism:  according to the nature of the sacrament it visibly teaches invisible things, that is, the washing of us, from all our pollutions by the blood of Christ, and by the cleansing of grace.  According to this sacrament, it is a seal of a divine truth.   But in what sense are sacraments to be called seals?  Not that they seal (or confirm) to the receiver his righteousness; but that they seal the divine truth of the covenant and promise.  According to the nature of a sacrament, it obliged the receivers to the terms of the covenant:  for as the covenant itself is of mutual obligation between God and man; so the sacraments, the seals of the covenant, are of like obligation.  It is a distinguishing sign between a Christian and no Christian, namely, between those who acknowledge and profess Christ. 

Tomorrow sees a very special day for us.  Together with 6 members of our congregation, my daughter will be water baptised.  Cara is only 12 years old, but has always had a very strong relationship with the Lord.  She understands the seriousness of her decision, and the impact this will have on her life.

Three years ago, my husband and I were water baptised.  Not only was it a seal of God’s covenant to Justin and I, but it was also a symbolic seal to our marriage.  We entered the bath as unwashed polluted sinners.  We exited the bath as newly cleansed children of God.  The feeling is indescribable, to understand it, you have to experience it.

God Bless!!

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