Wednesday, 10 August 2011


A few weeks ago, our life as we knew it was turned upside down.  Our house was burgled.  It's quite a common crime in our city, but I think everyone always believes or rather want to live under the impression that crime will not affect us. The fact is crime affects everybody, no matter who you are or where you're from.

We were lucky, only 2 laptops and a tv was taken.  The person or persons did however take a tour through the house, opening cupboards and just generally looking to see if there is any other valuable items in search of a new home.

Now you might ask, why make such a big fuss?  Well you see, it's more than just someone stealing your property.  It's an invasion of privacy.  We feel violated, bare, open, naked, whatever you would like to call it.  The items can be replaced, and was, but to feel welcome in my own home again, that will take time.

The day after all this transpired, my heart and head was saying different things.  I so desperately wanted to be upset with the burglar, but as a Christian, I also knew that you have to hate the sin and not the sinner.  If I hated him, I would be in the same category as he was.  I also needed to hear God's voice in this, and asked Justin to read from the Bible.

He opened Proverbs and delivered the following message:

Proverbs 11:5 - 6

The righteousness of the perfect shall direct his way: but the wicked shall fall by his own wickedness.
The righteousness of the upright shall deliver them: but transgressors shall be taken in their own naughtiness.

God was saying that it's not for me and you to judge,  but for Him.  The believers will fall and get up, but the wicked will fall and stay down.  Whatever has been taken from you will be given back in multiples!

We thank God for keeping us save, for ensuring that nobody was home when all this happened.  We thank God for allowing us the opportunity to love and be loved, to forgive and be forgiven.

God Bless!

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