Wednesday, 13 July 2011


My dearest child,
The day I decided upon you, my heart was filled with peace, calm and love. I knew what you were going to look like, what your voice would sound like and how your smile would change other people’s hearts – even when you were just a thought...
I started to form you in your mother’s lap.  Your fingerprints I drew line by line, and knew that this pattern on your little fingers would never be repeated again.
You are not a mistake, because I don’t make mistakes.  I only make people in My image.
When the time was right, I laid your perfect little body in your mother’s arms... I looked into your eyes, stared and knew I had created a special little person.
Never again, have I taken My eyes off of you. I have seen you grow.
During the day, I admire you, and at night I sit next to your bed watching you fall asleep.  Sometimes tears ran down your cheeks because of broken relationships, wrong decisions and sometimes just because you felt like a failure.
There have been days you got hurt, days when people didn’t understand you, and days you felt despondent.  Days when pain destroyed you!  I cried with you, I held my hands to catch your precious tears.
I know pain.  There was also a time in My life when people didn’t understand Me, humiliated Me, rejected Me and nailed Me to a cross, that is why I know how you feel.
There will be days when you will feel confused, and wonder what, where and why. 
I just want to say to you today, not one of the mistakes you make, catch me off guard.  I am not surprised.  I know everything.  I understand everything.  I see everything.
I do not look at you with eyes that judge.  I look at you with eyes of love, and I listen to you with My heart, because I am a God of Love.
Sometimes people painted an incorrect picture of Me to you.  I don’t want to punish you.  I am not far away from you... I know you better than anybody else.  I know who you truly are, I made you, and I say once more, I do not make mistakes.
The mistakes you made, don’t determine who you are.  The One who made you, determines who you are...
The price something is bought for, determines the value... and the only price with which I could buy you, was My life.
Come and look at yourself through My eyes.
I know your potential; I know what you can do.  I know the winner in you.  I know your beautiful heart.  I know your gentle personality.  I see a beautiful person when I look at you.
Maybe there were days when you said that you didn’t believe in Me, but today I tell you this:  I believe in you!
I want to take away your pain, put your smile back on your face.
I want to make you believe that you can!
I want to pick you up, hold you close to My heart, and show you what I plan for your future.
I want you to allow me, to show My love for you!
Speak to Me, I am with you...
From:  Your Heavenly Father, Who is but a breath away ...

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