Friday, 27 May 2011


Life is full of choices.  Take a few seconds to decide between the following:
Would you rather:
1.       Do 3 push-ups every time someone older than you speaks to you or
2.       Do 3 sit-ups every time someone younger speaks to you?
Would you rather:
1.       Be 3 feet tall or
2.       Be 10 feet tall?
Would you rather:
1.       Remind people of the latest music or tv star when they see you or
2.       Reflect the character of Jesus Christ when they’re around you?
Again, life is full of choices!  You make hundreds every single day – many without even thinking twice.  For instance, you probably don’t spend a lot of time choosing between Weetbix or All Bran flakes when getting your breakfast.  You may not think twice about climbing into the shower or the tub, or whether to apply deodorant.  We make several choices so quickly; they really don’t even seem like choices.
But there is a choice you make every day that does deserve some thought and attention.  And that’s the choice of clothing you wear.  Modesty may not be a hot topic, but reflecting Jesus Christ will always be a hot topic with your Creator.  And one of the best ways to do that (or to fail at it) is in how you dress.
Mind if we get a little personal?  Guys, when you’re not wearing a shirt in summer, is there a reason for it?  If you’re not mowing the lawn, working out, or swimming, it makes a lot of sense not to have a shirt on.  But are there other times you’re not wearing a shirt simply to catch the attention of the opposite sex?  Is there a reason to make sure everyone can see the waistband on your underwear by wearing your pants so low?
Ladies, how low is that spaghetti-strap shirt cut?  How much of your tummy does it show?  What message are you sending when you wear this specific piece of clothing?  Are your shorts so short that someone can see up your legs when you sit cross-legged on the ground?
If you knew you planted impure thoughts in someone’s mind because of your attire, wouldn’t it be worth praying for?
(1 Corinthians 12:22)  The opposite is true. The parts of the body that we think are weaker are the ones we really need.

(1 Corinthians 12:23)  The parts of the body that we think are less honorable are the ones we give special honor. So our unpresentable parts are made more presentable.

God Bless! 

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