Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Ps 31:14 – 24

14.  I trust you, O LORD. I said, "You are my God."
15.  My future is in your hands. Rescue me from my enemies, from those who persecute me.
16.  Smile on me. Save me with your mercy.
17.  O LORD, I have called on you, so do not let me be put to shame, Let wicked people be put to shame. Let them be silent in the grave.
18.  Let their lying lips be speechless, since they speak against righteous people with arrogance and contempt.
19.  Your kindness is so great! You reserve it for those who fear you. Adam's descendants watch as you show it to those who take refuge in you.
20.  You hide them in the secret place of your presence from those who scheme against them. You keep them in a shelter, safe from quarrelsome tongues.
21.  Thank the LORD! He has shown me the miracle of his mercy in a city under attack.
22.  When I was panic-stricken, I said, "I have been cut off from your sight." But you heard my pleas for mercy when I cried out to you for help.
23.  Love the LORD, all you godly ones! The LORD protects faithful people, but he pays back in full those who act arrogantly.
24. Be strong, all who wait with hope for the LORD, and let your heart be courageous.

A few weeks ago I had the most terrible feeling in my being, causing a major disturbance in my daily living and even my sleeping patterns.  Nightmares consumed a few nights of supposed rest, and this turned me into an unbearable person during day time.
In my dreams, I would be haunted by things of the past, leaving me scared; confused and inferior.  I couldn’t see my way open to speak to anybody about it, and carried these emotions with me for a few days.
Then, one Sunday morning before the church service started, I was sitting in the church office waiting for our prayer meeting to start.  Our reverend entered, and said that he was very concerned about me, and that he too, had dreamed of me for a number of nights. In his dreams, he would see me running towards him, very disturbed and with a black shadow and a number of little tongues moving behind me.   He would then ask me why I am I disturbed, and I would say, ‘I don’t know’.   
Listening to this, I realised that the Holy Spirit was warning me against an attack on my spiritual life.  Yes, some bad things have happened in the past, but that is where they will stay.  The little tongues moving are people gossiping about the fact that I didn’t stay down, but with the help of God got up and enjoy a much better life with Him now than ever before.  They are gossiping because I’m working as a servant to God, in His house, and I’m doing a great job!!!
Our congregation prayed for me that day.  A mountain was lifted off my shoulders and I feel like a brand new person!  Praise God!
The Holy Spirit is in my life and in my heart, He speaks to me on a daily basis, all I have to do is LISTEN and HEAR! 
God Bless!

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