Wednesday, 6 April 2011


READ:  LUKE 11:37 -54
 52. ‘A curse is on you, teachers of the law! For you have taken away the key of knowledge: you did not go in yourselves, and you got in the way of those who were going in.’ (BBE)
52. ‘Ai de vós, doutores da lei! porque tirastes a chave da ciência; vós mesmos não entrastes, e impedistes aos que entravam.’ (PJFA)

52. Wee u, gij wetgeleerden, want gij hebt den sleutel der kennis weggenomen; gijzelven zijt niet ingegaan, en die ingingen, hebt gij verhinderd.’ (DSV)

52. ‘Jaj néktek törvénytudók! mert elvettétek a tudománynak kulcsát: ti magatok nem mentetek be, és a kik be akartak menni, azokat meggátoltátok.’ (HKB)

In this chapter of Luke, a Pharisee invited Jesus to dine with him.  The Pharisee was greatly offended by Jesus, who did not wash His hands before sitting down at the dinner table.   Jesus reprimanded him, by saying that the Pharisees are very careful in cleaning the outside of a cup and plate, but on the inside they are thieves and full of evil.

How do we recognise a ‘Pharisee’? They wash their hands, but not their hearts.  They remember to give their tithes but forget to be fair.  They like to be praised and have impossible needs.  They only concentrate on the outside, but forget the state of their hearts.

We’re wrong in the same manner, if we give service because we want to be recognised and not because our hearts are pure.  Other people are easily misled... We can never mislead God!

Do not just be a Christian on the outside.  Place your inner life under God’s control, and then He’ll also be recognised on your outer life.

God Bless!!!

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