Thursday, 7 April 2011


Read Luke 12:8-34
15.   And he said to them, Take care to keep yourselves free from the desire for property; for a man's life is not made up of the number of things which he has. (BBE)

15.   Monda azért nékik: Meglássátok, hogy eltávoztassátok a telhetetlenséget; mert nem a vagyonnal való bõvölködésben van az embernek az õ élete. (HKB)

In this chapter Jesus said that to have a good life, has got nothing to do with being wealthy, and this is exactly the opposite of community believe.

Advertisers spend millions to convince us that we’ll be happier, more comfortable and more fashionable if only we would use their products.  How do you react to the constant pressure to buy new goods and services?

We have to learn to close our ears and emotions to those expensive attractions and rather concentrate on a good life.  This can be achieved daily, by living your relationship with God and to do His work.

God Bless!

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