Sunday, 27 March 2011


On Friday, I wrote about the special event happening yesterday, the water baptism.  I gave an explanation of what being baptised means, and the responsibility behind the decision.  I also said that the feeling is indescribable, and that you have to experience it to understand it.

We hosted 7 members of our church, together with their families sharing their public confession of faith.  The day was beautiful, what started out as being overcast, turned out to be a sunfilled glorious day.  The Holy Spirit was present from the moment everyone arrived.  One additional family member was baptised, and that in itself was the great working of the Lord Jesus.

After the baptism, families and friends enjoyed a late lunch together.  This is where I once again realised how wonderfully blessed I am to be part of God's big family.  I experienced a feeling of love and happiness nowhere else to be found. 

I thank the Lord Jesus for giving me people to support, comfort and love me, people I can call my Family!

God Bless!!

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